What is
Shadows in the West?

Shadows in the West is an ongoing 4th edition Legend of the Five Rings campaign that has been running since February of 2017. Despite our names, we are not affiliated with Shadow of the Cabal or Shadows of the Iron Dragon! Shadows in the West was named before our GM became aware of the Shadow of the Cabal podcast.

Our sessions are hosted online through Roll20 and are entirely text-based (with the exception of OOC communication, which is handled over voice chat). Our GM is Arielle, or Evalli, who can be found on Twitter or Tumblr.

The scripts for our episodes are from heavily edited session logs that, while still matching the progression of in-game play, have been optimized for an audio drama/audio book-like experience for your listening pleasure. We’ll also share short stories and announcements related to the Shadows in the West podcast here.

For more detailed information, including our cast and crew, read on!

Our Rokugan

Shadows in the West takes place in an alternate version of Rokugan, the Togashi Empire, where Togashi became the first emperor instead of Hantei. What results is a much more mystical - and socially flexible - Rokugan.

Here are a few key differences in our Rokugan:

  • Togashi and Hantei have swapped places, historically
  • The veil between humans and spirits is thinner
  • The Dragon Clan has been replaced by the Owl Clan
  • The Unicorn Clan is still known as the Ki-Rin Clan
  • LGBTQ+ characters and themes exist and there is no societal stigma surrounding them
  • Marriage is still a political matter, and same-sex arranged marriages are not uncommon. The focus is on the soul rather than the blood
  • Adoption is much more common 
  • Kitsune and kenku lore have been heavily expanded upon, as they play a large role in the story

For a full synopsis Togashi Empire, you can read Evalli’s synopsis here (which she advises is always a WIP). Some liberties and expansions are taken with the lore as well, especially where the kitsune are concerned.



Cast & Crew

  Arielle // GM  +writing & editing

Arielle // GM
+writing & editing

  Mallory // Crow  +audio & artwork

Mallory // Crow
+audio & artwork

  Hanna // Shio  +editing

Hanna // Shio

  James // Atsu  +narration

James // Atsu

  Nick // Ryojiro  +juicy

Nick // Ryojiro

  Ely // Daiyu  +self-immolation

Ely // Daiyu

  Maddy // Natsuki (Season 2)  +Ryoko & Yukira

Maddy // Natsuki (Season 2)
+Ryoko & Yukira

  Walt // Torokai  +Ukiya

Walt // Torokai

  Peter  +Chutokire


  Aldrich  +Kokare


  Violet  +Kane & Reiko

+Kane & Reiko

  Allen  +beta listener

+beta listener

  Seth  +narration (zuihitsu)

+narration (zuihitsu)

  Reese  +beta listener

+beta listener

  Michole  +Kaori