E8 - Kitsune Mori, Part 3

Kitsune Mori, Part 3 is now up! In September we lost two members of our main cast quite suddenly--Ely and Hanna both had to step away from the podcast due to real life obligations. We've used the last several weeks to regroup and re-cast. Today we are very excited to return to our regular release schedule. Want to discuss the episode, L5R, or anything in between? Join us on Discord!

The samurai reconvene following Crow's early morning venture into the woods, then set out in pursuit of the kitsune poachers.

Acquiescence (Zuihitsu)

Ryojiro awakens from the comfort of his dream by a different scent in his room. It is subtle, but there is no mistaking that someone is watching him sleep. His body is still, relaxed, and unmoving, his mind focused on his next few actions. His sword is four paces away to the wall, a table two paces away to block anyone moving toward him, a small pillow beneath him that would open in enough time to roll from his mat. He waits for his next breath to move.